Windcrest Cottage Cotons

“Madison Avenue lives up to her name. She is chatty, always getting in the last word whether it is to her human mom or other Cotons in our home. She wants to be first in line, first out the door, first back in the door, always demanding attention. Dam; Wind Beneath My Wings. Sire; Madison River de Domaine la Roviere”

“Our “Little Princess” is such a joy. Poetry in motion in the show ring. Beautiful cottony coat, her temperament is truly of royalty and sweetness. WindCatcher Princess of Sirius, her dam; Queen of Sheba of Woodland Cottage. Sire; “Jesperson’s Ajax”. She is sister to Wish Upon a Star of Sirius.”

“My little Z.Z. Top is litter mate to “Pearl” Both have incredible sweet temperaments. Z.Z. lives with another family with a grampa Charlie, mom Sandi and his best bud, pappa Brian. Z.Z. is constant companion, therapy dog to his papa Brian. Brian takes him for nice walks, visits to Adult Day Care and dog park. Z.Z. loves to visit mamma Ruth often to play with our other Cotons”

“Wish Upon A Star Sirius, aka, “Dubber”, Is my little Velcro-Boy. He is always stuck to me like glue. Loves to be in my lap, or by my side.Dubber’s dam Queen of Sheba- two times World Champion, and his sire “Jespersons Ajax” is three times World Champion.”

Miguel comes from Alicante Spain. Micky Cereiz is his breeder, and is named St. Miguel Angelo of Madrid of Woodland Cottage. His pedigree is full or champion bloodlines. He is a true champion.

Moulin is my first true love, the love of my life. He is everything a companion dog should be and more. He is named after a French village in Europe.

Little “Manny” live in Pennsylvania. He is a Pittsburg Stealers fan. His dam, Madison Avenue, and sire Miguel. Manny has become the joy and center of life for Joe and Marlene. He has his own private fenced in back yard, with squirrels and bird feeder. He greets his dad when he gets home from work to make Joe’s day complete.

“Our Pearl is priceless. We knew she was special the moment she was born and would forever be our little girl. Spoiled totally, is never denied a thing. Pearl has a little routine of sitting up on her back legs, wave her front paws until she get attention from both 2 and 4 legged members in our household. Pearl gets her name “ The Black Pearl” after Johnny Depp, The Pirates of the Caribbean.”